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Gig review: Fleet Foxes

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JL Todd7 months ago

Interesting review.

I used to live in Wellington NZ (now live in California) and seriously considered taking the wife over to see Fleet Foxes.

I saw Fleet Foxes twice in 2017. The first time I saw them was in Monterey California. The show was much as you described.

I saw them only a few days later at the Hollywood Bowl. Beach House opened for them.

It was an amazing show. Much more energy and a totally different vibe. The sound was much better too.

Cracked Up is a more technical album as compared to their previous work. I get the sense that the band, especially Pecknold, want you to sit down...and really take in the music and song meanings.


S Hadley 7 months ago

Interesting to read you’re take on the age of the audience at Wellington, I’m in my late forties and was definitely in the minority as the average age of the crowd I saw was around 25 .
Definitely didn’t get a vibe from the band that they weren’t enjoying themselves and everyone near us was having a fantastic time listening to talented people express themselves through music.
And by the way , if anyone was singing near me I would have the same reaction as your “ friend “ in the audience..... it’s not a karaoke session .
Anyway thought I would provide some balance to what was a great nite ...

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