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Get ready for Prizegiving’s new album

Friday 10th June 2016

Take a listen to Vailima, the latest single from the Wellington band.


Back in March, we premiered the first single from Prizegiving’s forthcoming album No Harm Done. Now, at last, there’s an official release date for the full-length (June 19 – which is soon!) to go along with a new song which the Wellington band have just unveiled.

Vailima is a little longer than their previous release, which clocked in at 51 seconds, but it still keeps to their authentic emo-pop sound. “I guess I don't have an interest in using an American, or some other accent,” singer Miles Sutton told us in March. “We're living in David Dallas' Aotearoa.”

No Harm Done is available to pre-order now on cassette.

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