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Follow the Leader: Jacinda Ardern - Labour

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Adspheabout 6 hours ago

If Labour should win, I shall resign to a new career on the couch as an addict on a sickness benefit or job seeker on a community past time tax payer funded course


Don Simonabout 3 hours ago

Lucky you'll have a compassionate government to support you through your hardship. No one chooses poverty, friend.


Margaret Mabonabout 2 hours ago

As someone with an auto immune disease on the invalids benefit - I would give so much to be off the benefit. I live in a cold, damp tiny flat, the weeks I have to go the doctor halves my food budget and the only 'luxury' I have is the internet. I can't afford tv, new clothes or going 'out'.
Labours benefits policy is better than Nationals but frankly the only people who think that living on a benefit is an easy ride are people who've never done it.


Gary1 day ago

well captured Toby

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