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Flocking Kiwis Singapore - Jordan Telfer

Thursday 31st March 2016

Flocking Kiwis is a series about young New Zealanders living abroad and how they transition into life away from home.

We’re a population known for our love of leaving the nest and while Kiwis have long been flocking to the UK, Asia is not as common a destination for OEs.

In this instalment, we visit young New Zealanders who’ve made the move to Singapore – a country roughly the size of Lake Taupo with a population of 5.4 million.

Jordan Telfer, 24, grew up on a sheep farm in the North Island. About a year ago, he relocated from the Auckland Fonterra office to Singapore where he now works as a sales operations executive. 

“I never expected to be here at all. I kind of just ended up here and it's quite a cool place.” 

There were a lot of big changes - the tongue-numbing spicy food, the relentless heat, and the lack of backyard space - but Jordan says he eventually got used to it. But one thing still surprises him: the cost.

“Living here is so expensive. I used complain when I moved to Auckland but here is another level.” 

For Jordan, Singapore offers an opportunity to see the rest of Asia with countries like Vietnam and Thailand just a stone’s throw away. But at his core, he's still a Kiwi boy and Jordan doesn't see that changing any time soon.

“Home is home. You're always a kiwi, no matter what and you don't really change.” 

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