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Fashion label I Love Ugly flips ads after backlash

Monday 7th December 2015

Fashion label I Love Ugly has replaced images criticised as being sexist with new ones

Photo: I Love Ugly

The New Zealand men’s fashion label that drew wide spread criticism for its "sexist as hell” jewellery campaign has responded to the backlash with a new series of images.

I Love Ugly originally debuted a campaign on Tuesday showcasing their range of men’s jewellery. The pictures featured a clothed male with his hands placed on various parts of a naked woman’s body.

But two days after a social media uproar, the Auckland-based fashion label removed the contentious images and replaced them with new ones – this time a clothed woman with her hands placed over a naked male’s chest.

While the images haven’t elicited the same level of backlash as the first set, people appear to be unimpressed with the label’s attempts to appease critics. 

The company described their motivation for the initial campaign on Facebook saying that since jewellery makes “a lot of males uneasy” and tried to create something that men could “potentially see themselves wearing”.

In one of the pictures, a naked woman sat with her legs open while a man's hand, featuring the I Love Ugly rings, covers her private parts. 



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