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Does any political party have a good mental health policy?

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Sue11 months ago

Your articles on mental health services are excellent. Thank you.


Bee11 months ago

Great article, good to hear about some of the broader long-term issues contributing to gaps in mental health services. Thanks for sharing your story.


les jones11 months ago

My new party Climate First for which Im standing as a candidate, has a policy of a Universal Citizens income starting at $2,000 for all 18+ funded by a property tax plus royalties on commercial use of any natural resources which we all as citizens own. All citizens would then know that the country cared about them and was giving them a dividend. One of the outcomes of the UBI trial in Dauphin, Manitoba was improved health and mental health. It would tell suicidal people that they were part of something bigger, a nation that acknowledged them.

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SSL11 months ago

Legalization of cannabis and reform around alcohol would both be incredibly helpful. Both of which TOP are supporting. Using the revenue from both to fund social services, as well as reducing our prison burden would all work towards solving this multi-faceted issue. Our health budgets are already stretched and the promises made by National are just going to be eaten away at by other demands (not mental health).


les jones11 months ago

Our high incarceration rate is a huge mental health issue as is Nationals intensifying war on drugs. I like a lt of what TOP is saying

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