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D Brief - The Great Immigration Debate

Wednesday 21st February 2018

Is immigration a boon or a curse? Immigrants Aman Bajaj and James Roque have a few thoughts.


This video was made with funding support from NZ On Air.

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“Beside the fact that we all have immigration as a common factor in our heritage...even if it was our great, great-grandfather/mother who came here... New Zealand's financial security leans heavily on new migrants. More and more households are turning to such platforms as Airbnb (used by migrants for both short-term and long-term accommodation) or opening up rooms in their houses to long-term tenants to help service their mortgage (by way of granny flats or rooms in the main household) migrants to NZ get jobs, rent rooms, pay rent and help home-owners pay their mortgages...especially important as the International economy fluctuates and as interest rates rise....” — Rosy

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