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Craccum editors will still be paid

Monday 4th December 2017

Auckland Uni student mag fans rejoice!

Members of Auckland University’s student union have voted for Craccum’s section editors to be paid in their end of semester referendum.

The result comes after the magazine, for whom a lot of people on Twitter have written in the past, faced losing $25,000 of its funding in the vote at the end of October. 

Almost 800 students voted in favour of continuation of pay for the student magazine’s section editors.

And though the question was non-binding, AUSA President Will Matthews told The Wireless that all of the indicative votes were being executed.

“There is a mandate to proceed with all of the votes… luckily AUSA’s budget has grown substantially over the last two years,” Matthews said. 

He said the support for paying Craccum’s section-editors was “unequivocal” among students, and that this showed strong feedback towards Craccum and the successful year they have had.

Craccum has done very well this year, they won an award at the Student Associations Press Awards”.

Questions related to AUSA’s club affiliations also appeared in the October referendum. 

This included one regarding the university’s ProLife Auckland club, after a vote to disaffiliate the group in a previous referendum was deemed unconstitutional. 

This referendum asked if club disaffiliation should be based only on the misconduct of a group, which a majority of 798 students responded to with a ‘yes’.

It asked, again, if “AUSA should disaffiliate the Pro-Life Auckland Club?”, and 825 voted yes.

“Once again a big thank you to everyone that supported us,” the group wrote on its Facebook page. 

“As this is result is only indicative, the game is still afoot. We will keep you updated on any further developments.”

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Mary-Margaret studies politics and anthropology at the University of Auckland. She is a news writer for 95.0 bFM and loves her cat dearly.
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