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Body confidence and unlearning the male glance

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Sandy the Orange 3 months ago

Serious criticism of women's bodies comes from other women, and always has. Women's magazines aimed the women's market ('fat' beach photos etc), schoolgirl chat and bullying. Advertisers use idealised , airbrushed images for products aimed at women because they know women respond to those images.

Please don't lay blame all at the feet of one gender, and attempt to fight sexism with more sexism. You'll never see a 'Kate Winslet has put on the pounds!' article in a men's magazine.

Men and women can't be bullied into changing what they find attractive to watch and what they will pay to see on screen. If you find Gerard Butler's, Daniel Craig's or an All Black's quite unattainable body attractive, it's not because of a socially constructed idea of the ideal male body, and theirs is not an unfair privilege.

You've acknowledge that you personally profit from what you perceive as an unfair privilege. If those are ill gotten gains, then don't accept them. You're not forced to.

Preemptively, If my opinion is discounted because of my gender and labelled as mansplaining, I will scream. I will.


John Smythe3 months ago

This is brilliant - a must read for, well, everyone. Thank you.

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