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Antiquated abortion law a $20 million ‘box ticking exercise’

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Jessica Marwaabout 1 year ago

The comments from ALRANZ's Dr Paterson are inconsistent with your accurate explanation of the law. Abortion is not illegal in New Zealand, it is only subject to some safeguards.

Although some of those safeguards may be expensive, they are worth it. The purpose of safeguards is to ensure that the law is as consistent as possible with our international obligations to protect every person's inherent right to life (Article 6(1) ICCPR).

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cleo7 months ago

The law clearly states that it is ILLEGAL to have an abortion. However, the Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion Act 1997 made it legal to have an abortion if two certified consultants from the abortion committee sign you off.

In the Crimes Act 1961 section 183 it explicitly states that procuring abortion is illegal and the maximum penalty is 14 years imprisonment. The ANZSOC code is 1695.

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