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An Aussie university is just hiring women for jobs in its Maths department

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Doug Coutts9 months ago

There's a huge difference between the meanings of "just hiring women" and "hiring just women". You've picked the wrong one for your headline.


johntymouse9 months ago

Female students outnumber male students at universities, and in many Humanities departments female staff outnumber male staff. So I assume there will now be a concerted effort to address this gender imbalance through policies that favour men. No? Why not?

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John Drinnan9 months ago

Max. If you are going to elicit a conversation, you have to present alternative views. This article is a promotion not a discussion,


Alex9 months ago

I'm just a little drop fighting against a tide of opinions that all flow the other way, so what's the point. But if anyone cares -

This is hiring bias based on gender, and it's wrong. Hiring should be on merit, not on quota. It's a scary time to be a man.

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