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An anarchist with a death wish

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JEREMY ROBERTS4 months ago

Thanks for putting this together. I am writing a poem about the digital / data debate that has bobbed it's head up again - I suddenly remembered about Neil Roberts & am thrilled to find this piece of journalism. Well done. A story that must not be forgotten.
Jeremy Roberts


ahuover 2 years ago

Chilling account, thanks. At the time I was living in Wanganui and I remember asking more questions about the role of the new block building.
"If you don't break the law, you want have anything to worry about"
Sweet... where have I heard that before?

Don't mean to be a killjoy but you could say Joseph Sewell of Murchison whom blew himself up outside the Murchison courthouse on Friday, July 14, 1905.
NZ Listener May 1 2013.

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John Parkinsonover 2 years ago

Thank you, I had completely forgotten about this but it had a huge impact on me and friends, post-punks in Wellington in 1982. We got the anti-state stuff, but self-destruction seemed incomprehensible. Just a minor point - No Future is from the Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen; the connection with Ian Curtis is just the age.


Grant McDonaghover 2 years ago

good piece, best piece on roberts I've seen in fact. glad it didn't end praising him up, accepting he was a martyr. His own choice of course but imo he was wrong, nicky h is right, he could have done so much more if he'd lived. Its not like there's a lot if us anti-authoritarians out here.

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