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A woman wanted a classic fade. This barber said his shops are only for men.

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6 months ago

Rachel; No I am not going to ask to be anonymous. You know how men who hit 60 start to get hair growing up their ears, nose & eyebrows? I am one of them and since I can pay for laser hair removal I went to many laser clinics around Auckland.
The answer was " This is a women only clinic". I didn't make a fuss. I could have taken them to court, but I understood that they want to protect their female clientele. They don't need me around when some 25 YO are having a Brazilienne; am I right?
Why everything these day has to be about discrimination and sexism?


V Hinson6 months ago

1) "Matt disagrees that his business is discriminatory." and Matt is quoted as saying "There are a number of businesses that just cater to women. Contours gym is one of them " Sorry, Matt, it's unlawful discrimation under section 44 (Provision of Goods and Services) of the Human Rights Act 1993. Contours is most probably able to argue for an exception in relation to provision of separate services based on sex for the purpose of public safety (section 46) or possibly positive discrimination (section 73).
2) As a business owner Matt and Carve have an obligation to understand the relevant laws applying to their business. Does Carve also breach employment law, health and safety law or tax law because Matt can't be bothered to know the law and comply with it?


Genevieve Fowler6 months ago

Hey JJMcNAB, I can promise you it's not sponsored and they had nothing to do with the shout out I gave. I just really appreciate having somewhere safe, positive and affordable to get my hair cut, it is such a simple luxury for kids like us. Hopefully you can empathise.


JJMcNAB6 months ago

What a lovely promotion you wrote here, you've hit all the talking points to generate shares, comments and all sorts of nonsense.

How much did Electric Brain pay you for this? or do you have a vested interest in it?

6crr1pzi bigger

The NZ Orator6 months ago

Yay! A place where men can be men without the uncomfortable silence. The woman says she is discriminated against in this mens barber shop because of what's between her legs - She's misinformed. It's what's between her ears that makes her, and other women unwelcome as we sexes behave completely differently. Men are course. Women take offense at the coarseness. Diddums love. Go to your own stylist/hairdresser.

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