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A hundred days of hell

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Lisbeth Alley8 months ago

Absolutely agree Theo. As a nurse, whooping cough is the most terrifying and heartbreaking disease to have to witness. There is no effective treatment for whooping cough and that is why we need to ensure we have the vaccine and keep ourselves and others away from babies if we/they have a cough. Thanks so much for sharing this Liz.

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malcolm l jansen8 months ago

As a veterinarian I only ever see severe disease that could be prevented by vaccination, in unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated animals. Distemper and hepatitis in dogs is virtually unknown in NZ now, thanks to effective vaccines. The continuing problem we have is with Parvovirus disease. Again, we only see it in unvaccinated animals or animals that did not come back for the 10-12 week booster shot.
The antivaccination brigade needs to take a long hard look at itself and ask is their antipathy to vaccination based on evidence-based science or is it just mindless adherence to a long discredited piece of metaphysical dogma?


Theo Brandt8 months ago

Hugely grateful to Liz and Caleb (and Freda of course) for sharing their story.

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