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A hilarious complaint about the 'If it’s not gay, it’s not gay' video has been shot down

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SuperSoaker 9 months ago

Once upon a time the homosexual community took 'gay' a nice word meaning happy joyful, bright, colourful and flamboyant and changed it to suit themselves. They didn't care if anyone was offended by that. I wasn't but plenty others were. However socity eventually accepted it and got on with our lives. But when a more recent group of people took the same word 'gay' and changed it to mean 'disappointment' the homosexual community gets offended and tries to tell people you can't change the name! That's a tad hypocritical isn't it!? Culture changes words, get use to it.
I have some curtains at home and I think they are a tad gay, too flamboyant looking and bright in colour for my other decor. I won't be changing that use of the word, and I think the homosexual community needs to accept they can't fully claim a word they originally hyjacked in the first place. Fair enough if they invented a word from scratch as then yes I'd respect their cause more.


My comment is not to make you feel bad, but to provide a different perspective. I hope we're still cool :)9 months ago

Just did a quick google on the etymology of the word in question.

Like most words in language, the meaning of "gay" changed gradually over hundreds of years. Moving from happy/joyful/colourful, through promiscuous/beautiful, even meaning young hobo (whom often engaged in homosexual acts) eventually to mean homosexual.

Most important to your point is that the gay community did not "take" the word. It was used to describe them by others, from very early on in the word's existence as a way to indicate an inferior being.

Once the word became cemented as a term describing their sexuality - and simultaneously used to insult them - it is no wonder (and no fault) that any gay person would want to take hold of the word.

You're right, words have been changed by culture and will continue to do so, but that doesn't mean we have to accept and be a part of using them to hurt our fellow humans.

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