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Culture Weekly Reading: The best longreads all in one place
This week: Police brutality, presidential correspondence, the politics of patois and more.
Comment No siree Bob, you don't see the real problem
Having a crack at beggars is much easier than addressing the root causes of poverty, writes Jonathan Foster.
Why Kiwis are joining the Women’s March
Ahead of Saturday's Women's March on Washington, Cindy Buell of the Auckland chapter tells us what the global movement means to New Zealand.
The XX: ‘Back together and closer than ever’
Introverted English minimalists The XX have expanded their sound palette on their third album, I See You.
Culture Tastes Like it Sounds - Purple Pilgrims
We spoke to bands about what they thought food would sound like.
Comment Talking to my dad about feminism
Fights about rights are hard, especially when they're with the person who taught you to be strong.
The Singles Life: Onehunga to the maximum
SWIDT. Hopefully you know the name by now. If not, now’s the time to get up to speed.
Culture Why did women only speak 27 percent of the dialogue in 2016’s biggest films?
We know words. We know the best words! So why aren’t we saying them in movies?
Baynk-ing on success
Jock Nowell-Usticke - aka Baynk - on Soundcloud success and the transition from bedroom producer to live performer.
Tastes Like it Sounds - Nikolai
We spoke to bands about what they thought food would sound like
Society 'Cheers, dad!' How getting booze from your folks affects drinking habits
Should parents give kids their first drink? A new study finds out.