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The suicides, sackings and stressed staff of Tauranga Hospital
More than a dozen former and current staff say there's a serious bullying problem within the organisation. The Wireless investigates.
News The doctor who infected himself with hookworms
Dr Richard Doehring bought $300 worth of hookworm larvae off the internet then let them burrow through his skin. Sarah Wilson finds out why.
News Cannabis, cash and a community’s dream
They’re poor and scarred by drug use, but tiny East Coast communities are pouring their savings into a plan to grow medicinal marijuana.
News Deepfakes: When seeing is no longer believing
Tech agencies fear fake videos could be used to blackmail and ridicule powerful people and even alter the course of elections.
Diary of a rural midwife
Why are midwives distressed about their workloads and pay? In the second instalment of our series, a rural-based midwife details her week of caring for vulnerable mothers, tackling piles of paperwork and footing the cost of driving more than 400km.
Comment Fransplaining Science: Can vitamin C cure cancer?
Some New Zealanders are convinced IV vitamin C is the reason for their cancer regression - but what does the science say?
Diary of a midwife
Why are midwives distressed about their workloads and pay? A city-based midwife details her week of 2am phone calls, breastfeeding problems and 5am dashes to hospital.
Tough Crowd - Ruby Esther
“It’s not a career yet ... is it?”